Moliere’s comic masterpiece about an irreclaimable hypocrite – one of the most famous plays of all time.

The pious Tartuffe is lodging with Orgon and his family, ingratiating himself with both his host and his host’s mother to such a degree that both are blinded to his true – rather less virtuous – designs. Like marrying Orgon’s daughter Mariane, whilst seducing his wife, Elmire. The rest of the family, incensed by Orgon’s ignorance, set about trying to expose Tartuffe’s despicable design. Orgon’s son, Damis, overhears Tartuffe professing his love for his mother, and believes that this information must surely unbind his father from the spell – but instead Orgon disinherits his son and names Tartuffe as his sole heir. So when Orgon finally discovers the truth about his beneficiary, it is too late; Tartuffe has already set in motion his plans to evict the destitute family from the house he now owns.