Osceola at Hellafresh Theater:

“Summerfield oozes earthy charm and goodwill from the second she steps on stage.”

Josh Herren, Broad Street Review

Medea at Hedgerow Theatre:

“What a splendid moment for Summerfield as Medea…. Medea is seldom off the stage, yet she maintains admirable definition of line while jacked among the tragedy’s perverse extremes. Above all, she has timing and rhythm, so it’s not all one scream.”

John Timpane, The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Summerfield is simply brilliant in the title role, overcoming its many challenges. The play sinks or soars with Medea, and I’ve never seen Summerfield more emotionally raw and vocally commanding without sacrificing her trademark sincerity and nuance.”

Mark Cofta, Broad Street Review

“Euripides wrote the character at a high pitch. Yet Summerfield modulates it intermittently so that she’s not performing at a constant crescendo. Her performance, equally broadcast by her look and her delivery, is impressive.”

Howard Shapiro for WHYY

Marie Antoinette at Curio Theatre:

“Summerfield is quite simply a marvel as she moves through Marie’s many moods and reactions, from arrogant denial to fury to helplessness.”

Jack Firneno for the University City Review

“In the incredibly deft hands of Jennifer Summerfield, Marie’s foibles and naivety manage to stay on the right side of buffoonery.”

Dennis Bloh for PhillyReview

Uncle Vanya at Hedgerow Theatre:

“This production is Barrymore Recommended, no doubt for the splendid performances of Jennifer Summerfield as Sonya and Jared Reed as Dr. Astrov. The production reaches its high point in the second act scene between the two: she wants to express her love for him, but he is in love with someone else. The dialogue is punctuated with small glances and feeble jokes, and the audience melts. Who hasn’t been in a similar situation?

Summerfield catches the right Chekovian self-ironic tone as she grows in understanding of the absurd tragedy of her life. Reed’s Astrov perfectly underscores the quiet man who suffers in silent solitude.”

Neal Newman for DC Metro Theater Arts